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Vegan food and Sherry wine

A few weeks ago we did a day of filming and cooking with the famous Sherry company Gonzales Byass, makers of the most well known Fino, the dry Sherry called Tío Pepe. The reason was that they want people to know, – especially vegans(!) that Tío Pepe goes very well with vegan food and is one of the only wines (sherries) that is not clarified with eggwhite, therefore a true vegan wine! The bodega had invited 7 “food-freaks”/sherry lovers to give their opinion about the vegan & sherry pairing. ( – and they were not all vegans!!)
We, Restaurante Patría, had to create seven plates. Three of the plates made with Tío Pepe as an ingredient, other three paired with a sherry from the winery, and at last but not least a dessert. The dessert was made with PX and paired with Cream.

Besides the food, we had been given the task to make and serve a couple of cocktails combining their sherries with our lemonades. What a great idea!!
We started the day with a classic;
Solera 1847 cream  mixed 50/50 with our PatríaPura orange juice and fresh mint. Instant hit.
To end the day, we combined Tio Pepe Fino with PatríaPura Strawberry lemonade, fresh basil and orange dust. A surprisingly refreshing and elegant  cocktail. It was quite a succes, – now the only problem we have, is what to name the drink. We are open for suggestions…

Below you can see the film, – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. We had a splendid day.

¿Es Tío Pepe un vino apto para Veganos?

¿Es Tío Pepe un vino apto para Veganos? 🌽 🍅En esta Tío Pepe Experience hemos lanzado 2⃣ retos:- Cocinar tres platos veganos con vinos de jerez, con la ayuda del "Restaurante Patría" en Vejer de la Frontera.- Silvia Flores tiene que maridar tres platos de verduras de temporada, con nuestros vinos. ➡ Descubre la alimentación Vegana con los Vinos de jerez.

Opslået af TIO PEPE på 9. februar 2018

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Valentines Evening in Patría

Come & enjoy Valentines Evening with us here in Patría. We have created a mouthwatering menu, – four courses for only 25,00€. Not only do we celebrate Valentine’s on Wednesday, 14th of February, but also on Saturday, 17th of February, it is possible to treat yourself to the special menu, Thomas and Nino have created for the occasion.

We hope to see you in Patría, between candlelight, roses and decorative hearts.

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Best Christmas present this year…

We are jumping of joy, since we just found out that Süddeutsche Zeitung has published a new book where they recommend 99 places to eat around Europe and in the States. Restaurant Patría is mentioned as one of ten restaurants in Spain. What a great Christmas present!!

The book is available on Amazon:


Thank you very much SZ.

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Carrot cake – Tarta de zanahoria

The last two weeks our buffet has featured a very nice carrot cake of which many people have asked for the recipe. You can find it under the picture:

Las dos ultimas semanas hemos hecho una tarta de zanahorias para el buffet. Mucha gente han preguntado por la receta. Abajo está:300 gramos de azúcar moreno / 300 grams of cane sugar
300 ml de aceite de semillas / 300 ml of vegetable oil
3 huevos / 3 eggs
25 gramos de jengibre fresco rallado/ 25 grams of freshly shredded ginger
300 gramos de zanahorias ralladas/ 300 grams of shredded carrots

Todo eso se mezcla bién / combine all this in a bowl.
En un bol diferente mezclamos / in another bowl we mix:

250 gramos de harina / 250 grams of flower
1 cucharita de levadura seca / 1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cucharita de bicarbonato/ 1 teaspoon baking soda
1 cucharita de sal fina / 1 teaspoon fine salt
1 cucharita de cadamomo en polvo / 1 teaspoon powdered cardamom
100 gramos de pasas / 100 grams raisins
100 gramos de nueces triturados / 100 grams of crushed walnuts

Ahora combinamos los ingredientes de los dos boles y mezclamos todo muy bíen. / Now we combine the ingredients of the two bowls and mix everything very well.

Echamos la masa en un molde y lo horneamos 30 minutes a 180 grados. / We put the mixture in a baking tin and bake it for 30 minutes at 180 degrees celsius.

Cuando ha enfriado extendemos una capa de queso crema por encima. / When it has cooled off we´ll smear it with a nice layer of cream cheese.

Que disfrutéis!

Have fun!

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Restaurante Patría in El País!!

Vejer de la Frontera, provincia de Cádiz

Last weekend in the travel section, El Viajero, of El País (one of the biggest news papers in Spain), there was a really good article about our beautiful little village, Vejer de la Frontera. Image our amazement when we realized that Restaurante Patría was mentioned in the article, – we were listed as one of 10 essential things to-experience, if you are in the area. We are so thrilled and honored by the mentioning;

Thank you, El País! http://El Viajero, El País


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Mint sauce for your lamb or chicken or BBQ or…


This sauce/mojo is my new favourite summer sauce. Normally we make the red mojo(Mojo Picón) to accompany the roast beef and roast pork at the weekend lunch buffet. It is a traditional sauce from the Canarian Islands, which Thomas learned by heart when he worked there many(many, many;-)) years ago. But a couple of weeks ago he decided to tweak the recipe a bit. Instead of red bell pepper, he added mint and parsley. It is super fresh, creamy(without using any kind of dairy product) a bit spicy and just YUMMY! At the moment we have it on the a la carta menu with oven-roasted lamb and we have been asked, by guests, to share the recipe. So here it is, our summer sauce suggestion:

Mint Mojo

30 grams almonds
1 handful fresh mint
3 sprigs of parsley
½ teaspoon cumin
2 spoonful vinegar
1 cayenne chilli
50 ml olive oil

salt & pepper

The recipe is so easy. You throw the seven first mentioned ingredients into a blender and blend it thoroughly. Add water, little by little, until you have reached the preferred texture and season with salt & pepper.


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Rekord sale on a Sunday in June!!!

fresh anf cool pp

We just had the most amazing Sunday. It was a warm day, a lot of cold water was ordered, but also: – PatríaPura lemonades!!!

We only sold 6 bottles of commercial soft drinks; Cola, Fanta, peach juice etc.

and of our own lemonades:                        34 bottles!!

That means that almost half of our guests bought PatríaPura lemonade.

We are so happy & proud!

Thank you to all our guests for supporting us.

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