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Vegan food and Sherry wine

A few weeks ago we did a day of filming and cooking with the famous Sherry company Gonzales Byass, makers of the most well known Fino, the dry Sherry called Tío Pepe. The reason was that they want people to know, – especially vegans(!) that Tío Pepe goes very well with vegan food and is one of the only wines (sherries) that is not clarified with eggwhite, therefore a true vegan wine! The bodega had invited 7 “food-freaks”/sherry lovers to give their opinion about the vegan & sherry pairing. ( – and they were not all vegans!!)
We, Restaurante Patría, had to create seven plates. Three of the plates made with Tío Pepe as an ingredient, other three paired with a sherry from the winery, and at last but not least a dessert. The dessert was made with PX and paired with Cream.

Besides the food, we had been given the task to make and serve a couple of cocktails combining their sherries with our lemonades. What a great idea!!
We started the day with a classic;
Solera 1847 cream  mixed 50/50 with our PatríaPura orange juice and fresh mint. Instant hit.
To end the day, we combined Tio Pepe Fino with PatríaPura Strawberry lemonade, fresh basil and orange dust. A surprisingly refreshing and elegant  cocktail. It was quite a succes, – now the only problem we have, is what to name the drink. We are open for suggestions…

Below you can see the film, – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. We had a splendid day.

¿Es Tío Pepe un vino apto para Veganos?

¿Es Tío Pepe un vino apto para Veganos? 🌽 🍅En esta Tío Pepe Experience hemos lanzado 2⃣ retos:- Cocinar tres platos veganos con vinos de jerez, con la ayuda del "Restaurante Patría" en Vejer de la Frontera.- Silvia Flores tiene que maridar tres platos de verduras de temporada, con nuestros vinos. ➡ Descubre la alimentación Vegana con los Vinos de jerez.

Opslået af TIO PEPE på 9. februar 2018

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Cocktails, PatríaPura

C as in vitamin C, – or as in Cocktail!

The oranges are ripening at this time of the year and they are absolutely delicious. We have sourced the most exquisite organic oranges, only 8 km from our kitchen. (Low food miles!) Some of the oranges, we press and bottle right away. Others we press and freeze, with the thought in mind, that one hot summer day, you might have a craving for the most delicious, tasty and full volumed orange juice. Wether you will prefer our orange juice all natural or fancy  a cocktail of PatríaPura Orange juice, vodka and as an extra feature a couple of leaves of fresh peppermint, well, that’s your hard choice to make. Either way, you won’t be disappointed!

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Besos de Fresa – Strawberry Kisses

It is time for Cocktails!!
And the first recipe, is a Strawberry Cocktail, which our friend, Ellie at Corredera 55 in Vejer de la Frontera, developed! It is super tasty and fits perfectly into the Christmas Spirit, with it’s beautiful red color.
All, you need is:
4 cl pink gin (strawberry flavored)
1 bottle of Strawberry PatríaPura
2 ice cubes
and top it of with a cava (appr. 1-2 cl)

If you can get a hold of some nice strawberries, cut a couple them up and add in the glass. Both for decoration, but the slices get quite tasteful. When the glass is getting emptier, they will have absorbed some of the mixture and you can devour them with a spoon.

Happy Holidays..

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