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Rekord sale on a Sunday in June!!!

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We just had the most amazing Sunday. It was a warm day, a lot of cold water was ordered, but also: – PatríaPura lemonades!!!

We only sold 6 bottles of commercial soft drinks; Cola, Fanta, peach juice etc.

and of our own lemonades:                        34 bottles!!

That means that almost half of our guests bought PatríaPura lemonade.

We are so happy & proud!

Thank you to all our guests for supporting us.

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PatríaPura, Restaurant, Xtra

Are you a GastroDriver??


Today Renault launched a new car; the Talisman. And in that context; to create some attention Renault had made a competition, where 20 lucky people would be invited on a special GastroTour of the area.

We are very honoured to be chosen to be one of three restaurants, which Renualt meant, could a give the winners a gourmet experience of a life time. We were in company with great restaurants as;

  • El Campero in Barbate, considered as one of best tuna fish restaurants in Spain.
  • The Alevante in Chiclana de la Frontera, run by two-star Michelin chef Angel León.

The GastroDrivers!


The new car from Renault: Talisman

The event started here in Patría with breakfast. The Talisman car has four different driving modes; Eco, Confort, Personalizado & Deporte(=sport).


Our job/mission was to create four types of breakfasts, with these modes in mind. It was a beautiful day and we believe that they 1½ hours later drove on quite happy.

Menu en Spanish:

2 Barritas energéticas casera:
Anacardos, albaricoque, coco &  Dátiles, almendras, cacao
Pinchos de fresas y piña con jengibre
“Muffin” de manzana, zanahorias y pasas
Limonada de jengibre/limón (PatríaPura)

Tostadas con tomate y manteca colora
Aceite de Oliva virgen de Masía el Altet
Jamón ibérico de bellota
Zumo de naranja (PatríaPura)

Yogur con frutas rojas y muesli
Bollo de pipas, espelta y linaza
Mermelada de calabaza, pera y vainilla
Queso Gazul ecológico
Limonada ecológica de fresas (PatríaPura)

Tortilla de espinacas con Salmón ahumado y queso crema de lima
Tostado de pan negro con aguacate, beicon y almendras
“Smoothie” de tomate con apio, pepino y fresa
Fresa cubierta en chocolate
Agua natural perfumado con limón y pepino (PatríaPura)

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PatríaPura – the beginning…


Plum Lemonade, summer 2015

It all started in the summer of 2015. During this time of year we consume a lot of liquid because of the heat and many working hours.  But one gets tired of drinking litres and litres of water every day. You crave something with taste! But often soft drinks make you more thirsty due the enormous amount of sugar they contain! Not to mention that they are bad for your health if you drink several each day…

One day a nice neighbour gave us a big sack of organic lemons, knowing that we always love to use lemons and organic produce in our recipes. After making lemon dressing, lemon sauce, lemon ice cream, lemon sorbet, ceviche, preserved lemons etc.  there were still a lot more left. So we started thinking… – and bam! Grandma’s homemade lemonade came to mind. So we started investigating lemonade recipes and tried out various. Some were good, others not so good. Having had a lemon/ ginger sorbet on the menu, we approached the idea of lemonade, with the flavour and freshness of the sorbet in mind. And indeed it became a recipe! We developed a base of only 4 magic ingredients that goes great together in the right proportions: Water – organic lemons – ginger – sugar! We used our patrons in the restaurant as subjects for trial and error and asked keenly for their feedback.

We kept “playing around” and tried to develop different lemonades. All kinds of ingredients were put to the test; strawberries, blackberries, plums, limes, mango, peach, currants, black currants, coconut, mint, basil, rosemary, black pepper, cloves, liquorice, fennel seeds etc.

Running a restaurant in the country side also means that many of our guests have to be aware of the drinking & driving issue. It felt great to be able to offer our guests who didn’t feel like drinking alcoholic drinks, something more sophisticated than water or a cola. Here we had a beverage; non-alcoholic, no colours added, no preservatives and less sugar! All natural and pure…

To our great surprise we realized that our sales of commercial juices and carbonated soft drinks staggered with almost 50%. We were really happy and obviously the idea of bottling the lemonades and start selling them outside of our restaurant to other establishments in the area came to life. As soon as low season arrived we started investigating how this could be made possible. It has been and still is a time-consuming process but also a very exciting business adventure. If you want to follow us on our journey, keep track here on PatríaBlog…





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