Thomas, – in the “Diario de Cádiz”

no waves in november

Unbelievable, that is it November…

November is always a month with weather changes. And this year it went from one extreme to another. The two first weeks is was like summer. Beautiful, warm and sunny. We were having lunch outside on the terrasse every day.

Trafalgar - calm

Look how calm the sea is. Friday, 18th of November.

But poor Thomas was complaining about it,
– because it also meant NO SURF!!! 😉

But then came the rain! And a lot of it!! Last post, I wrote, was about the Floods in Vejer. At the end of the text I added a link from the news paper Diario de Cádiz. For the most observant of you, you’d have noticed a surfer overlooking the sea. Yep, that’s our Thomas!! As soon as the sun came out  Sunday afternoon after the storm, Thomas headed for the sea. Here was a chance of getting the first proper waves in many days. The mud in the water made the board quite slippery but not more that he caught a couple of good waves.

thomas på udkig

Thomas is checking out the waves in El Palmar.

But isn’t it just typical Thomas; first time he gets a half-page photo of him in a Spanish newspaper, it comes with the head line: “…the area of La Janda in state of emergency”?? 😉

thomas i avisen


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