Floods in Vejer…


After a couple of weather-wise amazing weeks in November, the storm hit the area of Vejer last weekend. It started with showers from Tuesday and onwards, but peaked big time in the night between Saturday(26/11) and Sunday(27/11). Thunder and lightning all night.  Huge rain drops and hail. 150 l/m2 of rain within 24 hours. Sunday morning we woke up to floods everywhere, roads were cut off and the authorities recommended everybody to stay at home. Never in the 11 years we have lived here, have we experienced such heavy rains. It was horrendous. Here are some photos I have found on social media..

The day after the damages were devastating. More than 300 houses were water damaged, animals drowned and roads ruined. The small river running at the foot of Vejer had turned into a lake. Most of the water has now found its way to the sea, turning the Atlantic into a muddy, brown colour. But there is still a lot of cleaning up to do. We, living on a hill top, were lucky. Apart from a couple of small indoors puddles(it’s an old house!), we stayed dry.

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