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This sauce/mojo is my new favourite summer sauce. Normally we make the red mojo(Mojo Picón) to accompany the roast beef and roast pork at the weekend lunch buffet. It is a traditional sauce from the Canarian Islands, which Thomas learned by heart when he worked there many(many, many;-)) years ago. But a couple of weeks ago he decided to tweak the recipe a bit. Instead of red bell pepper, he added mint and parsley. It is super fresh, creamy(without using any kind of dairy product) a bit spicy and just YUMMY! At the moment we have it on the a la carta menu with oven-roasted lamb and we have been asked, by guests, to share the recipe. So here it is, our summer sauce suggestion:

Mint Mojo

30 grams almonds
1 handful fresh mint
3 sprigs of parsley
½ teaspoon cumin
2 spoonful vinegar
1 cayenne chilli
50 ml olive oil

salt & pepper

The recipe is so easy. You throw the seven first mentioned ingredients into a blender and blend it thoroughly. Add water, little by little, until you have reached the preferred texture and season with salt & pepper.


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