Finding the right package.

juvasa glas

From the day we decided to bottle our lemonade we were never in doubt that the material should be glass. We might pay a way higher price for our glass bottles than many other competitors pay for their plastic ones, but it´s an expense we have chosen and we sleep better at night!

We absolutely despise the use of “single-use” plastic bottles and cannot understand why they are still legal! Often they end up in the sea, where they are slowly transformed into micro plastics that fish and other sea animals consume. Later we consume it because we consume the fish. It´s just not logic behaviour for the “intelligent” species!

We searched and searched on the net: Wauw, there are so many beautiful glass bottles! But again the price is a important factor, we don’t want our lemonades to be rocket price expensive and also the reality was; what can we get hold of in this area (without too high transport costs) at reasonable prices. We visited a company close to Sevilla, where we saw some cute, little 250ml bottles. One catch was though; we had to buy a pallet. Well, either you believe in your product or not!!!

Two weeks later arrived a lorry with 4560 bottles.
We hope it’s going to be a warm summer!!
😉 😉 😉


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