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Tradición y Gastronomia 2016


It was just another Monday evening, – and then NOT!!!

We had been invited to the event: Tradición & Gastronomia at Bodegas Tradición. This winery in Jerez de la Frontera is known for their high quality, fully aged wines. Most of their sherries and brandies are more than 20+ years old, – only the Fino is younger.

Focusing only on making aged wines through traditional techniques, all the wines bottled at Bodegas Tradición are considered to be among the highest standards, and this strategy has gained them a place in the leading group of traditional wine makers from Andalucia.

Besides their beautiful wines, Bodegas Tradición has an incredible collection of paintings which one can enjoy while tasting the sherries and brandies. A selection of great Spanish artists of different styles which all have been a part of History, including: Goya, Velázquez, El Labrador, Valdés Leal, Maella, Carlos de Haes… – you can also find beautiful hand-painted tiles made by a very young Picasso.


But here we were, – on a Monday in May! The whole town was busy, due to the wine fair Vinoble 2016(29th – 31st of May), where people from all over the world come to experience these flavourful drops. The fair was also the reason for this event, where hundreds of glasses of Fino, Amontillado and Cream was offered with tasty snacks. Because like all the great wines, they are as splendid alone as they are with the right dishes. Again regarding the food, there was nothing spared. And very interesting dishes as well; We tried everything from sushi(great with Fino or Amontillado) to more  traditional Spanish style. The two favourites were a beef meatball in a pomegranate sauce, made after an  original 1000 year old recipe from Mesopotamia(went really well a Amontillado), the other a raw fresh tuna from Valencia with just a hint of soy sauce. It´s odour was pure saltwater and it was so tender you could chew it with your eyebrows (as we say in Denmark). Actually there was so much food that even Thomas at the end had to throw the towel in the ring.

Also cocktails were mixed, Åse’s favourite was the Mojito; Brandy, brown sugar, mint, lime and ginger ale. (Did we mention, that Thomas was the driver this evening! ;-))


Bodegas Tradición is open to public on appointment:



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