No Show!!

 What is a No-Show?


In the restaurant and hotel business, a “No-show” is; when somebody has reserved a table or a room but never arrives, – they don’t show up at all! In my case, it happens in our restaurant, – too often! Especially in the high season. The other evening it was TWO tables, that never got used. In total of 13 guests, which is a very big deal for our little restaurant. We have been out shopping fresh products to the evening and our staff has been called to work. The money earned in our relatively short high season, is the money we live off throughout the whole year. Besides, it is also a shame for the people, that tried to reserve and we had to turn down, because we were fully booked. (At least we thought!)
It has always been one of the biggest issues in this trade. How can you make sure not to loose business on no-shows? Some restaurants simply overbook and then hope for understanding guests, if everybody are so kind to show up. Others charge a reservation fee in case of No-Show. Neither of these, I’m keen on, so my solution is that every mid-day I call all guests, who have reserved a table for 5 people or more, for the same evening, to make them confirm their booking. (A strange thing is; that it is often the groups, that change their minds and don’t cancel. – And these are also the no-shows that “hurts” the most.) It does add extra costs to call to Spanish, English, German etc. mobile phones every day, but it has so far reduced the numbers of no-shows…

I just cannot understand how people call and reserve but then cant be bothered to cancel the reservation, if they can’t come anyway.

Please, don’t be a No-Show!

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