Football and Spain

David fodbold 2010-11

David and his team, 2010-2011.

It is CL* night tonight!!!…  –  and the restaurant is really quiet, due to we do not have a television in the bar. It was a decision we made from day one…. No television in our restaurant, even though the Spanish electrician looked very doubtful at us we told him: ”No, we don’t want an antenna connector for a TV over by the bar!”

Now, 9 years and Spain winning two European Championships & one World Cup later, we kind of understand why!! Football is BIG here. Not just the national but also the club football can empty the streets for an evening. As you probably sense right now, I am not that much into football (even though I did play it as a girl…) I like watching my son’s matches, but I don’t like a quiet restaurant!

For David, our son, football is BIG! He always has a football by his side. When he was 6, he started playing in Vejer, where the kids practice three times a week and play a match every other weekend. That is really serious compared to Danish standards. Up to the first match David came in doubt!!!

  • “When we come to Chiclana to play, which club do I actually play for??? Spain, Madrid or Barcelona???”
  • “Well, not yet, darling! You play for Vejer!”
  • “ Ahhhhh, all right” (Did I notice a slight disappointment in his voice!!?)

After an interesting match he proclaimed, that as a grown-up he wants to play on the national team!

  • “Which one, we asked him; the Danish or the Spanish team?”
  • “Spain, of course ….”(after a pause)” but if I’m not good enough, I’ll just play for Denmark!!”


*CL= Champions League

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