Danish confirmation in Spain; the Ceremony

We didn’t find a church, but our daughter could still have her confirmation, because (as mentioned in an earlier post) we were given permission to do the ceremony at home. Luckily the weather allowed us to have it outside on the restaurant terrace, though the morning started out with light showers.



kirken m folkDSC_8014

By moving away all the restaurant tables, we made space for the chairs to the guests and one small table with a white table cloth, which constituted the altar. The priest arrived with a crucifix, then came a saxophone player and at last our family & friends. It felt very special to have the ceremony at home. The priest spoke in Danish and in Spanish, so everybody were able to take part. The hymns were only in Danish though, – in the beginning the singing felt a bit strange, good thing we had the saxophone player to accompany us. The atmosphere was relaxed and still solemnly. In the end we were happy to have her confirmed here, where even our cat and dog joined in.DSC_8034

Photos by Kelly Lawlor

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