I need my internet!!!

Billedresultat for no internet

Exactly, what part didn’t they understand….?

I need my internet to work!!!

It is sooo frustrating to depend on internet and not having it! Since Monday last week, we have been calling our phone company complaining about the line.  Or let’s say non-line….then there is internet, and then there is not!!! And it all started with a nice service gesture from the phone company. They wanted to replace our old router with a new and better one, and since it has just been down-hill.

Today we had our fourth visit of a technician, and they all blame the other; it is a bad router, it is the cables outside and so on. And in the meantime I sit here, infuriated by my phone bills. Spain is on the most expensive countries in Europe to use phone and internet, and still the coverage is rubbish. So I’ll call again tomorrow, to complain, first nicely and later finish off in a very high-pitch voice, which always leaves me a bit embarrassed after I have “slammed down the phone” (I guess one really doesn’t do that anymore!!) without a proper polite goodbye. Ups, I did it again…

The answer will be the same; they will send yet another technician, but they don’t know when…because they are on strike!!!

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