Our daugther’s confirmation, – we have a priest, but not a church!


When our daughter, Thea, was nine all her class mates celebrated communion. She got invited to various parties, but she wondered why she was deprived of her own celebration. Being Protestants in a country where the majority are Catholics, we explained, as well as we could, about the difference between the two religions. We promised her, if she, when time came, wanted to be confirmed, she too could have her party. Not being from a very religious family, we actually thought, that she would forget all about it.

But the day came where she proclaimed she was ready for her confirmation and everything that it implies…. She feels it is a part of being Danish. But off course, you don’t just have a big party and that’s it. We now needed a priest and a church! What we thought would be the hardest part, was actually the easiest.

Because of the big Danish shipping company with a base on Costa del Sol, we quickly came in contact with this amazing sailor’s priest who would take the time and drive all the way up to us every second Saturday to teach Thea about the meaning of confirmation.  During his career he has, amongst other jobs, been send out as army chaplain in Iraq and Afghanistan, which means that beside his interesting stories, he has a huge patience for all our questions.

Now we just need a church! The closest Danish church is 2, 5 hours’ drive from where we live, which is a really long drive for a 30 minutes ceremony. So we were sure we could borrow or rent one of the many small local churches in our area. … well, that was more tricky than we had ever thought. Everywhere the local priests gave us the same answer. “Ask the bishop in Cadiz!!!”

Kim, our priest, has tried to get in contact with the bishop without any luck.  But can a Catholic borrow/rent a Protestant church in Denmark? I don’t know, but I can’t see what the problem is. Our religions are not that different. We worship the same God.  And no, as some of Theas friends thought; to be a Protestant doesn’t mean that we protest against God!!

Well, Kim came up with a solution. In case we won’t be able to find a church we have been given permission from a Danish bishop to have the confirmation here at home, –  in the restaurant.  Just imagine, putting a cross and candlelight up on the bar desk, next to the draft beer tap!!

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