Health care system

otorinnolaringologiaLiving in Spain that long, we have, off course, been in contact with the Spanish health care system. Even though we come from Denmark where we pay A LOT in tax and supposedly have a really good health care system, we cannot find anything to complain about in the way we have been treated here.

The medicine is really cheap in Spain, which means that you almost can’t enter the doctor’s consultation without receiving a prescription for antibiotic and some kind of pain killers. Except from the time, where my nose broke after a cash meeting with my surf board. At that point my doctor told me to eat a lot of oranges!

Or when our daughter had ear problems and the specialist recommend a lot of trips to the beach, because salt water is good for cleaning the ears.

In both occasion they were actually right;-)

If I have to complain about something though, it must the titles of the different specialists. I find it really difficult to ask for direction to the “OTORRINOLATINGÓLOGO”!!!

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