10 years ago!!

Today, Sunday 8th of February, it is exactly 10 years ago we came to the hamlet, Najara, where we had rented a house for a year. We arrived in the evening and it was cold, dark and damp. As luck would have it, our arrival coincided with the coldest winter in 40 years. Temperatures plummeted to freezing point at night. This should of course be a piece of cake for a Dane, but when you take the construction of Spanish homes into account, this is by no means a laughing matter. There was no cavity wall insulation, central heating or floor heating. The only heat source was the fireplace in the kitchen, which heated the nearest one or two square meters as well as the chimney, while the rest of the house was damp and approximately 12 degrees Celsius. That night we were shivering in our beds and in doubts about what we were doing there. It is possible that we were somewhat naive, but this wasn’t exactly what we expected when we moved so close to Africa…

But the day after we happily discovered nine orange trees in our garden dripping with fruits and we enjoyed the most delicious oranges. They simply taste best when they’ve just been picked by your own hands.

Then we went into town and bought two electric radiators and woollen blankets.

Welcome to Southern Spain;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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